“We invited Aljaz to perform at our wedding anniversary party and every trick he did is close up, so you’re no more than 2 feet from him, which makes it even more impressive when he blows your mind. He does the impossible with two rubber bands and then he just does it again right in front of your eyes! In his last trick of the evening,  he asked me and my wife to pick two random cards from his deck and sign them each. He then made them merge into one single card while we were holding them between our hands! He is amazing and you can be certain that he will spice up your event.” – Wilco Dissevelt


“Magical Party!
We had Aljaž doing a magic show and a workshop at our son’s 11th birthday party. It was perfect! The boys were delighted and could not believe their eyes as cards vanished and reappeared, balls turned into cubes and coins penetrated solid glass! Now they want to become magicians when they grow up. Aljaz is a great entertainer and he has an amazing way with children. His magic also fascinated the adults who were present. In fact, not long afterwards he got the same amount of “wow” at my husband’s office Christmas party.”
anonymous but satisfied customer